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Ahh…barbeque sauce is a many-splendored thing.  And our sauce is just about the best.  Wait, what’s that you say?  You don’t LIKE barbeque sauce?  You’ve never had good bbq?  You can only get good bbq at one of those rib shacks that you can only find by following your nose and not some restaurant guide?  Boy have you been missing out!

One of the awesome benefits of using Mermaid BBQ Sauces in your dishes is it pretty much is a guaranteed way to have the tastiest dishes around. 


  • Use it as a marinade.  Yes, really.
  • Don’t water down your bbq sauce and definitely don’t water down your Mermaid Sauce!  Instead gently cover the grilling item in a layer of sauce and wait for it to adhere to your meat.  Then flip and repeat.
  • Brush your grilled food with sauce as many times as you like and as soon as it’s had at least one flip on the grill.  Unlike other sauces, you’ll love the caramelizing and thickening as it grills. 
  • If you cook grilled food that’s usually dry and sometimes burnt on the outside, you are using too many coals.  Remember grilling is all about cooking the food, not burning it!  Cut down on the number of coals, create heating zones and use Mermaid.  You’ll soon have the best cook outs on the block!
  • Oh no, accidentally over salted that casserole or egg dish?  Try drizzling or mixing Mermaid sauce in with it.  Sure, it’ll taste a little like bbq sauce but it is guaranteed to fix your salty screw up!